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To change your mail password do the following:
  1. Enter your login into the field below. You received your login along with your application from the computing centre. An examples for a login is "mta123", i.e. the lowercase letters "mt", followed by another lowercase letter (or the digit "0") and finally 3 digits.
  2. Enter your current mail password.
  3. Create a new mail password.
    Former mail passwords cannot be reused.
    The new mail password must not contain your login nor parts of your name.
    It must be at least 10 characters long, at most 20.
    The mail password must contain characters of at least 3 of the following classes:
    • upper case letters: A-Z
    • lower case letters: a-z
    • digits: 0-9
    • the following special characters: !#$%()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]_{}
  4. Enter the new mail password into the field below.
  5. Enter the new mail password a second time to prevent typing errors.
  6. Press the "Change mail password" button.

Current mail password:
New mail password:
New mail password again: